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Dr Ana Dragojlovic is an anthropologist working at the intersections of mobility, affect theory, post-colonial and critical race studies, feminist and queer theory, and masculinity studies. Her regional specialisation reflects her interest in diasporas and empires, including Indonesia, the Netherlands, the Dutch East-Indies and Afro-Asian connections (particularly in relation to the Afro-Caribbean). Dr Dragojlovic works as a Senior Lecturer in Gender Studies at the Faculty of Arts, The University of Melbourne, and as a Research Associate at the Department of Anthropology, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University.

Dr Dragojlovic received her PhD in anthropology in 2008 from The Australian National University. Her doctoral research resulted in a monograph entitled Beyond Bali: Subaltern Citizens and Post-Colonial Intimacy (2016), which constitutes the first extensive discussion about Balinese diasporic formations. Situated within the fields of post-colonial, critical race and gender studies, the book explores under what social, political and historical circumstances Balinese subaltern citizens claim proximity and mutuality between themselves and to their former colonisers, rather than striving to reveal and commemorate colonial violence, as other subaltern citizens with Indonesian heritage in Dutch post-colonial society do. This ethnography is firmly based in an analytical orientation towards relations and processes in which knowledge is produced through anticipated connectivities but also through the disjunctures and surprising linkages and associations people make. During her post-doctoral research at the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS), Leiden, the Netherlands and The University of Queensland, Dr Dragojlovic ethnographically explored the correlation between memory, materiality, affectivity and subjectivity in the context of historical violence in the context of Indisch diaspora. Ana is currently working on a project that focuses on therapy cultures, particularly as they related to historical violence with interests in affect, embodiment and subjectivity.

Current student projects

‘The war that does not end: Transgenerational transmission of World War 2 related trauma in Germany’, Lina Jakob.

‘Being Muslim: young adults in Berlin’, Lena Heinzmann

Research interests


  • critical migration and diaspora studies
  • gender and sexuality in the global perspective
  • postcolonial and critical race studies
  • forced migration and transgenerational trauma
  • therapeutic discourses and practices
  • the social production of historical memory, particularly between Asia and Europe

Researcher's projects

1) ‘Culture as Cure: Immigrants, Systemic Family Therapy and Emotional Suffering’, at the University of Queensland, 2012-2016.  

2) ‘Locating the Difficult Past: Spirits, Ancestors and Archives' supported by the Australian Academy of the Humanities; The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO); The Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV) Leiden, Netherlands and International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS), Leiden Netherlands, 2010-2012.

3) ‘Outsourcing ethnicities: politics of citizenship and representation in the Balinese art market’, 2008-2009.



BA (Hons) University of Belgrade, PhD (ANU)

Expertise Areas

  • Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Gender Specific Studies


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