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Research interests

Language and Conceptualisations in Cultural Contexts

Sociolinguistics (Cognitive Sociolinguistics, Translanguaging)

Chinese Studies (Language, People and Society in the Chinese Diaspora)

Empirical and interdisciplinary research on language in context

Researcher's projects

Forthcoming publications and works in progress

Chen, E. J. (forthcoming 2024). “Why would I care how much salt you have eaten?” Reconceptualizing elder’s authority through the Cantonese idiom sik jim do gwo nei sik mai. In J. Baranyiné Kóczy, & V. Jávor-Szelid (Eds.), Past in present: Cultural linguistics and (re)conceptualized tradition. Springer.

Chen, E. J. & Zhang, J. (under review). Translating food is translating culture: A reception study on English subtitles in a Chinese food documentary. Perspectives, special issue.

Chen, E. J. & Zhang, J. (under review). Poetic or lost in translation? Conceptualizing the use of Classical Chinese in English song subtitling. Asia Pacific Translation and Intercultural Studies, special issue.

Current project 

Past in the Present: Reconceptualizing Traditions in Contemporary China

Funding: 2023 Asia and Pacific Innovation Program (APIP) Basic and Applied Research Grant, College of Asia and the Pacific, ANU.

Education/Academic qualification

Linguistics, PhD, Monash University

Expertise Areas

  • Cognitive linguistics in cultural contexts
  • Language, people and society (Sociolinguistics)
  • Cantonese cultural cognition
  • Chinese Languages


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