Personal profile


I'm a political scientist broadly interested in the relationships between the design of political institutions and the quality of democracy in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. I recently completed my PhD at the Department of Political and Social Change at the ANU's Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs. I'm now working on a book manuscript based on my thesis, which investigated how Indonesia's electoral system safeguards the systemic role of political parties against the personalisation of politics wrought by a constitutional shift to presidentialism c. 2002–2004.

I've maintained a long involvment with New Mandala, the ANU-based Southeast Asian studies website, serving as editor (2022–present; 2017–2019) and co-editor of the site's Indonesia section (2014). I sit on the editorial board of East Asia Forum, based at the East Asian Bureau of Economic Research (EABER), where I also contribute research to an ongoing project on the political economy of economic integration in Southeast Asia under the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).