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Mark Strange is a Sinologist with interests in the intellectual history and the historiography of pre-modern China. His particular focus is political thought and philosophy between the third and eleventh centuries CE. He has taught Chinese history and Literary Chinese language at the Universities of Warwick, Oxford, and Cambridge. He joined the Australian National University in 2012.


B.A. Hons (Durham); M.St., D.Phil. (Oxon)

Research interests

Medieval Chinese intellectual history (esp. eleventh-century political thought and philosophy)

Medieval Chinese political history

Chinese traditional historiography (esp. Zi zhi tong jian)

Textual criticism

Researcher's projects

A Comprehensive Mirror to Aid Orderly Rule (Zi zhi tong jian): a translation of juan 1-8, with historical and philological commentary

The political thought of Zi zhi tong jian: a study and critical translation of Sima Guang’s comments as historian

History and empire in eleventh-century China: a reading of Sima Guang's Zi zhi tong jian

‘Jie du Song Shen zong “Zi zhi tong jian xu”’ 解讀宋神宗”資治通鑑序“ [‘A Reading of Song Shen zong’s ‘Preface to Zi zhi tong jian’]

Studies of the reception history of Zi zhi tong jian in China, Japan, and Korea

with Esther S. Klein: selected translation of Liu Zhiji's Shi tong; edited volume on Liu Zhiji and medieval historiography

Book-length study of representations of Emperor Wu of Liang (r. 502-549)

Current student projects

Tony EDWARDS, Internal Alchemy in transition: Wang Qihuo (1839-1917) and his disciples Wei Yao and Xu Songyao

Kathy Tsz-kei LEUNG, The construction of a school of thought: the case of the Yongjia School

Sam NETHERY, The future of oral traditions in Pohnpei

Sam VANCEA-HARRISON, Pei Songzhi 裴松之 and Six Dynasties history writing

ZHU Yayun, Nanjing in late-Ming and early-Qing China

Past student projects

Previous PhD students:

SANG Yu, Reality and Function in Xiong Shili's thought (1920-37)

YANG Qin, Pictorial forms of canonical interpretation in Song China (960-1279)

Victor FONG, Law, subjecthood, and state control in Early Tang (618-755)

I have also recently supervised research projects on the following topics: Ge Hong's 葛洪 (fl. mid-C4th) legal thought in Bao pu zi 包朴子; Chinese Buddhist translations of Kumārajīva 鳩摩羅什 (d. 413) from the perspective of language contact; representations of Wu shan in Tang poetry; Wang Pang's 王滂 (1044-1076) commentary on Zhuang zi 莊子; Yang Xiong's 揚雄 (53 BCE-18 CE) concept of sagehood in his Fa yan 法言; a critical translation of Suseongji 愁城志 by Im Je 林悌 (1549-87); Yao Xie's 姚燮 (1805-1864) commentary on Hong lou meng 紅樓夢; representations of Xinjiang in the work of Ji Yun 紀昀 (1724-1805).


I welcome proposals from students interested in researching any of the areas of medieval Chinese intellectual history, political history, or historiography that I list under my research interests, above. I particularly welcome topics on the eleventh century.


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