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National Research Foundation (Korea), 2018-2021, US$1.8 million

National Research Foundation (Korea), 2015-2018, US$600,000

ANU Pan Asia Institute Distinguished Scholar, 2015-2016

Indonesia Project Research Network Research Grant, 2015. $14,318.60

Outstanding Paper, Kim Myong Whai Award 2014, for Korea Observer

Korea Foundation (Korea) Field Research Fellowship, 2014-2015

International Women’s Day Award, 2014, the Australian National University (for mentorship, research, education and advocacy)

East Asia Institute (Korea) Fellow, 2013-2014

Finalist, Minerva Awards 2013 (US Department of Defense) (estimated $729,000)

Research Development Grant Award, 2012-2013, Australian National University

ARC Center for Excellence in Policing and Security Visiting Fellow award, 2011-2012

Keeler IntraUniversity Professorship, University of Kansas. 2011-2012 (estimated $ 40,000).

Academic Fellow, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, Washington D.C., 2011-2012 (declined).

Delegation of American Young Scholars and Experts to the Republic of China (Taiwan), Summer 2007

Institute of Policy and Social Studies Faculty award, University of Kansas, Summer 2007

University of Kansas Center for Teaching Excellence Teaching Innovation and Portfolio Award, University of Kansas, 2006.

Policy Research Institute Summer Fellow, University of Kansas, Summer 2005.

Kaufmann Foundation-KU Center for Entrepreneurial Research Faculty Development Award, 2005.

Chiang-Ching Kuo Foundation Faculty Development Award, 2004-5, $11,706.00.

University of Kansas Office of International Programs International Conference Award, 2004

Freeman Foundation-University of Kansas CEAS Faculty Development Grant, 2003.

George Bush Presidential Library Foundation-Korea Program, 2002-3.

Chiang-Ching Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange, 2000-2002, $20,000.00.

US Dept of Education-University of Kansas CEAS Faculty Development Fund Award, 1999-2000.

Research interests

  • Political economy of democratization
  • Corruption
  • Government accountability and responsiveness
  • Strategic interaction in policy-making
  • Citizens’ responses to public policy
  • Government spending and policymaking
  • Economic growth


(bargaining & policy outcomes; citizens' influence & government accountability in less-democratic countries; change, continuitity, and credibility of institutions)


Researcher's projects


2020. With Jaekwon Cha. “Challenging the East Asia Development Model: Evidence from South Korea.” European Journal of Development Research 32: 220-250

2019. “How political trust matters in emergent democracies: evidence from East and Southeast Asia.” Journal of Public Policy vol 39 no 2: 295-328

2018. “Effects of Weak Performance on Political System Support in East and Southeast Asia.”
Economic and Political Studies vol 6 no 1: 11-29

2017. “When Do Citizens Pursue Costly Action Against Government Corruption? Evidence from Australia, Singapore, and the United States.” Journal of East Asian Studies 

2016. “South Korea in 2015: Battling to Set the Stage for Elections” Asian Survey

2015. “Military Support of Citizens’ Challenge in the Asian Industrialized Countries.” With Hoang Long Chu, the Australian National University. Journal of East Asian Studies  

2015.““East is East, and West is West”? Reimagining Asian Exceptionalism and the Study of Democratization.” Government and Opposition

2015. “South Korea in 2014: A Tragedy Reveals the Country’s Weaknesses.” Asian Survey

2015. “Strategic Party Choices in Emergent Democracies: Taiwan’s 2008 Legislative Election.” Representation. With Hans Stockton

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2006. “Politics and Government Spending in Asia: Evidence from South Korea and Taiwan.” Journal of East Asian Studies vol 6 no 1: 69-104.

2005. “Bargaining in the Less-Democratic NICs: Model and Evidence from South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia.” Journal of Theoretical Politics vol 17 no 3: 283-309 (lead article)

2005. “A New Social Contract of Accountability? Lessons from Citizens’ Response to the Asian Financial Crisis in Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia.” Whitehead Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations vol 6 no 2: 129-147.

2004. “Theory and Testing of Government’s Credible Apologies: A Reply to Lowry’s ‘What Explains Credible Apologies’” British Journal of Political Science vol 34 no 2: 371-5

2003. “Non-Electoral Responsiveness Mechanisms: Evidence from the Asian Less-Democratic Newly Industrialized Countries.” British Journal of Political Science vol 33 no 3: 491-514.

2003. “Government’s credible commitment in economic policy-making: Evidence from Singapore.” Policy Sciences vol 36 no 3-4: 237-255.                                  

1993. “The Gender Factor in Soviet Mass Politics: Survey Evidence from Greater Moscow.”  Political Research Quarterly vol. 46, no. 1:179-211. With Kent Tedin. 



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open access:

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  • Lead consultant, East Asia, World Bank, Social Protection Systems in Asia and the Pacific, 2018
  • Advisor, Politics and policies in South Korea. Background paper for the North Asia Division of the Trade and Market Access Division, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Australia, 2017
  • Workshop leader and coordinator, Knowledge sector initiative (KSI Australia-Indonesia, 2015

Current student projects

  • Amy Grantham, 2019-2023. "Moon and Stars: State-led ‘Star Power’ as South Korean Diplomatic Strategy under President Moon Jae-in." Associate supervisor
  • Thu Trang Be, 2017-2021. "Essays on the political economy of small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam." Panel member




Ph.D., University of Rochester; MA, University of Rochester, BSc., University of Houston

Education/Academic qualification

PhD, University of Rochester

Award Date: 1 Jan 1997

Master, University of Rochester

Award Date: 5 Mar 1994

Bachelor, Summa cum laude with honours, University of Houston

Award Date: 15 May 1991

External positions

Professor & Head of School, Economics and Public Policy

18 Apr 2022 → …

Associate Professor, University of Kansas

Aug 2005Jun 2012

Assistant Professor, University of Kansas

Aug 1998Jul 2005

Expertise Areas

  • Public Policy
  • Comparative Government and Politics
  • Government and Politics of Asia and the Pacific
  • Citizenship


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