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REYNALDO C. ILETO received his PhD in Southeast Asian History from Cornell University in 1975. His major works include Magindanao, 1860-1888: The Career of Datu Uto of Buayan (1971, 2007); Pasyon and Revolution: Popular Movements in the Philippines, 1840-1910 (1979, 2011); Filipinos and their Revolution: Event, Discourse, and Historiography (1998); and Knowledge and Pacification: On the U.S. Conquest and the Writing of Philippine History (2017). He also wrote “Religion and Anticolonial Movements” for the Cambridge History of Southeast Asia (1992) and Knowing America’s Colony, A Hundred Years from the Philippine War (1999). He was Reader in Asian Studies at the ANU, Associate Professor at the University of the Philippines, and Research Scholar at both Kyoto University and Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. He was Professor of Southeast Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore until 2012 and Adjunct Senior Fellow at Nanyang Technological University to 2017. His works have earned him the Benda Prize in Southeast Asian Studies (1985), Masayoshi Ohira Prize (1986), Philippine National Book Award (1999), Fukuoka Asian Culture Academic Laureate (2003), and Grant Goodman Prize in Philippine History (2011).

Research interests

Religiopolitical Movements in Colonial Southeast Asia; 19th-century Spain and the Philippines; Philippine Revolution, 1896-98.; U.S.-Philippine relations, 1899 to present; History and Nation-building in the Philippines, 1898-2016; Domestic Practitioners of Southeast Asian Studies; Tagalog Metrical Romances; Uses of History in the South China/West Philippine Sea Conflict.

Researcher's projects

Book-writing project to be completed in 2018:

The Philippines, 1898-2016: Empire, Nation-building, and the Unfinished Revolution



Expertise Areas

  • Government and Politics of Asia and the Pacific
  • Postcolonial Studies
  • Asian History
  • Religion and Society


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