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Dr. Safa Fanaian work on the intricacies of water economics, explores participatory research methods such as dialogues for equitable decision-making, and focuses on the imperative issue of water justice. As a member of the Water Justice Hub, she actively contributes to advancing linked education and research objectives. Simultaneously, she is engaged in a pivotal project with the Development Policy Centre, which builds bottom-up insights to understand and improve water governance in Papua New Guinea.

Dr. Fanaian's doctoral research explored the co-evolution of water risks and governance processes in an intermediate city in India. She was an Oxford-Indira Gandhi Scholar at the Oxford-India Centre for Sustainable Development, Somerville College, University of Oxford. Dr. Fanaian is also a National Geographic Explorer.

With over a decade of prior experience collaborating with diverse development agencies to enhance water security in South Asia, Dr. Fanaian brings a wealth of practical insight to her academic pursuits.

Dr. Fanaian's research interests encompass the study of urban rivers in low and middle-income countries, advocating for water justice, and exploring sustainable finance models for water-related initiatives. Her multifaceted approach underscores her commitment to addressing pressing global water challenges.



Doctorate in Philosophy, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford