A GEDSI Approach to Climate Adaptation, Food and Water Security - A Scoping Study in the Asia-Pacific region

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    The objectives would be:1. To ascertain which localities in South-East Asia and the Pacific would be best for undertaking detailed analysis of GEDSI approaches to climate adaptation, food security and diversity. This would complement the research already undertaken in South Asia. The core countries ACIAR works in in the South-East Asia and Pacific regions would be investigated for the feasibility of undertaking further work in these locations.2. To map the networks of local actors working on a GEDSI approach to climate change in the South-East Asia and Pacific regions in order to establish which actors would be suitable for partnering on future research.3. To gain a preliminary understanding of the similarities and differences between GEDSI approaches in South Asia, South-East Asia and the Pacific with the intention of pursuing further research on this topic.
    Effective start/end date2/02/243/02/25


    • Commonwealth Dept of Foreign Affairs&Trade, Australian Cnt for International Agricultural Res(ACIAR): A$72,000.00