Political will and anti-corruption reform in Papua New Guinea

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    Conduct a rapid political economy analysis to provide key insights into corruption and transnational crime dynamics in PNG. This analysis, including preparation work, desk-based and in-country data collection, analysis and write up, will address why and how corruption risks undermine political will and law enforcement actions against corruption and transnational crime in PNG and provide understanding of the foundational influences shaping corruption and money laundering in PNG, the institutions connected with corruption and money laundering, and opportunities and constraints for generating political will and law enforcement action at the subnational and national levels. The analysis will provide UNODC with a better understanding of the political economy of corruption and transnational crime in PNG to inform program responses to these challenges.
    Effective start/end date31/12/2331/10/24


    • United Nations, Office on Drugs and Crime: A$126,743.00