South Asian and East Asian economic integration and Australia: strategies for Asian regional cooperation

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    The Project will identify and analyse the economic and political forces driving India and South Asia’s entry into the process of Asian economic integration. It will provide policy-targeted analysis that shapes thinking surrounding the development of economic and political relationships within South Asia and between South and East Asia through engaging influential research and policy think tanks and governments in regions and Australia in collaborative research. A major objective will be to add to research capacities through the development of ongoing research programs and networks across South and East Asia, like those already built with East Asia, and link them together whilst also entrenching Australia’s intellectual role in the process.
    Effective start/end date18/02/0816/02/14


    • Commonwealth Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, AusAID: A$2,761,233.00
    • Australian Research Council (ARC): A$531,500.00


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