Australian approaches to Afghanistan

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    The aim of this chapter is to explore how it was that Australia came to approach Afghanistan as it did. It is divided into sic sections. The first offers some historical background to Australia's involvement in Afghanistan after 2001, noting that the points of connection between the two countries were somewhat more extensive than has often been credited. The second examines a range of factors that helped shape the way in which Australia engaged with Afghanistan in both the initial phases of Operation Enduring Freedom, and from 2005 as part of the deployment of the UN-authorised International Sedcurity Assistance Force (ISAF). The third looks in more detail at some of the specific military activities Australian troops pursued in the province of Uruzgan, while the fourth assessed the main activities in the speheres of aid and development in which Australia became involved. The fifth briefly discusses Australia's diplomatic activities with respect to Afghanistan. The sixth concludes the discussion by outlining some of the challenges that Australia may face in the coming years as a result of its Afghanistan deployment.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationAustralia and Canada in Afghanistan: Perspectives on a Mission
    Editors Jack Cunningham & William Maley
    Place of PublicationToronto, Cananda
    PublisherDundurn Press
    ISBN (Print)9781459731257
    Publication statusPublished - 2015


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