Enhancing Taiwan's Security and Reducing the Possibility of Conflict

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    Taiwan has become Asia's most dangerous flashpoint. The Russian invasion of Ukraine in February has further raised concerns about a potential conflict over the island. For the remainder of the 2020s, however, a Taiwan conflict is more likely to erupt by accident than design, highlighting the need for more robust crisis-management and -avoidance mechanisms. Towards the end of the decade, Beijing's confidence in its capacity to prevail in a conflict over Taiwan will start to grow as key military balances begin tilting in China's favour, undermining the United States' ability to credibly commit to Taiwan's defence, with dire implications for the island's security prospects.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationAsia-Pacific Regional Security Assessment 2022
    Editors The International Institute for Strategic Studies
    Place of PublicationLondon
    PublisherThe International Institute for Strategic Studies
    ISBN (Print)9781032372679
    Publication statusPublished - 2022

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