Framing a gender transformative post-coal future for just transition: A feminist manifesto

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    Energy transition for coal-producing countries of the Global South will involve the adoption of policies to phase out coal, and closure of coal-dependent industrial infrastructure will lead to fundamental changes in gender roles and relations as women and men lose their direct and indirect livelihoods from coal mines. This article aims to lay out principles to make energy transition not simply gender-just but gender-transformative to ensure that the transition results in changed gender relations and emergent social outcomes benefit both men and women. Based on an extensive process of stakeholder consultation, the article presents a feminist manifesto to address the gendered impacts of coal sector transition in the major coal-producing countries of the Global South. First, I establish the need for such a manifesto and then collate evidence of the gendered impacts. I then draw out the main themes emerging from the interviews to analyse participants' views on why gender considerations are important, and how gender can be mainstreamed in strategies adopted for transitioning industrial coal extraction and processing for thermal power generation.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalEnergy Research & Social Science
    Publication statusPublished - 2023


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