Managing the Social Order: The 'Kingly Way' and Manchukuo's vision of 'Benevolent Welfare

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    Facing the challenge of domestic order and international recognition, the Manchukuo authorities needed not merely to keep the peace in the new state, but also to present convincing evidence that their rule was good for their subjects and that those subjects appreciated the Japanese presence. Because Manchukuo was created by force of arms in the face of international objection, and because important aspects of Japanese political irifl,uence were highly oppressive, the state is seldom discussed in terms of welfare and good governance. The 'Kingly Way' (wangdao or Odo) was the state's foundation political ideology; at the same time it was also the basis for the new state 's vision of benevolent social welfare. Without denying Japanese political oppression, this paper shall examine Manchukuo 's efforts to present itself in the light of good governance. It examines Manchukuo 's attempts to promote the welfare of its subjects in order to create an ideal "good subject" - loyal and diligent - and to convince the world that Manchukuo was indeed a legal and sovereign state supported by its people. The 'Kingly Way' of benevolent welfare was expressed in disaster relief, improving living standards and manageing the social environment.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationXX Juuni Mongol: Tuuh, Soyil, Geopolitik, Gagaad Harilchaani Tulgamdsan Asuudaluud (Mongolia in 20th Century : Challenges faced in history, culture, geopolitics and foreign affairs)
    Editors C. Chuluun and P. G. Myagmarsambuu
    Place of PublicationMongolia
    PublisherUlaanbaatar: Mongolian Academy of Sciences
    ISBN (Print)978-99978-1-742-6
    Publication statusPublished - 2017


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