Networking numeracy development

Rhonda Faragher, Megan Poore, Michael Gaffney

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    Jen and Carl were a little wary at first. Although experienced primary school teachers, they tended to use digital technology sparingly in their teaching. While their familiarity with various digital technologies was increasing (they both had smart phones!), their classroom use of these technologies was fairly conservative: it was basically limited to using PowerPoint for presentations, posting digital photos and encouraging student use of Word and Excel. They certainly were not confident with sing social media either in their teaching or in professional development and so were a little apprehensive when it was suggested by the research team that developing a wiki might be a good idea to help them share their learning with colleagues in other schools and school systems. Their school, like 16 others around Australia, was participating in the LAND research project. Jen and Carl were members of the LAND school leadership team at their school and were responsible. along with their principal, for leading the project at the local level. They were were keen to work with the university team members as well as the project officer from their local central office on developing a whole-school approach to numeracy. So, when the opportunity came along to be involved in the national project, they thought 'why not?' As they sat at their computers at the beginning of the first workshop, the instructor asked, 'Who knows was a wiki is?' A hush came over the group, and eyes darted around the room. Twelve months later, Jen and Carl were invited by the Australian Government to Canberra to present a seminar about what their school was doing to improve students' numeracy levels. The seminar provided an opportunity to network with colleagues who were working on similar projects in other parts of the country. During their presentation, Jen and Carl made mention of how the miki had helped them share ideas, ask questions and celebrate achievements. Over morning tea, one of the seminar participants came up and asked, 'How do I join your wiki?'
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationLeading Improvements in Student Numeracy
    Editors Michael Gaffney and Rhonda Faragher
    Place of PublicationCamberwell, Vic
    PublisherACER Press
    ISBN (Print)9781742860459
    Publication statusPublished - 2014


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