Ritual tumpek dalam kehidupan masyarakat Bali (The Tumpek ritual in Balinese Society)

Wayan Arka, Ni Wayan Sumitri

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    This paper describes power in language and is based on the study of the Balinese ritual language in Tumpek. The aim is to understand the dynamic interaction between language and religious power in a contemporary Balinese context. This study employs a qualitative descriptive methodology, with data collected from observation, interviews, library studies and note taking. The power of and in language lies in the ability of language, in its creativity and influence, to make things ‘real’ through symbols, metaphors and interpretations (Farquar and Fitzimons, 2012). The discussion is divided into two interrelated parts: (i) the textual-formal manifestations of the linguistic and symbolic systems of religious power and (ii) the requirements of its socio-cultural authorisation/legitimacy (Bourdieu, 1991, pp. 57-58, 106–116). Linguistically, from its textual-formal point of view, the mantras of Tumpek belong to prayers with salient characteristics, including the use of archaic Sanskrit language in poetic form, word choices with rhymes and certain symbols to evoke affective/magical power. Contextually, the Tumpek ritual is a religious, persuasive and dialogical discourse with God. Arguably, from a socio-ethnolinguistic perspective, the power of mantra in ritual language stems from the combination of the choice of language, as described above, and the authorisation as well as legitimacy of power owned by and/or granted to the speaker of mantras. Such authority/legitimacy involves a complex process, with certain preconditions following Hindu-based socio-cultural practices in Bali. Keywords: Religion, power, language, ethnolinguistics, ritual, Tumpek, Balinese
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 2016
    EventNational Conference on Language and Culture - Denpasar
    Duration: 1 Jan 2016 → …


    ConferenceNational Conference on Language and Culture
    Period1/01/16 → …


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